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AVerMedia Wireless Teacher Microphone AW313l
  • Brand: Aver Media
  • Model No: AW313l
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Operating range 15–20 m / 50–65 ft
Wireless frequency  2.4 GHz
Battery 350 mAh lithium-ion polymer
Battery life about 8 hours
Operating temperature 0–35°C / 32–95°F
Power supply 5V / 2A
Dimensions 30 x 80 x 25 mm
Weight 32 g
Warranty 1 Year



Voice of inspiration.

Light, stylish and wearable, the AW313 Wireless Teacher Microphone is the ideal solution for your daily teaching. With 2.4 GHz wireless technology, noise and speaker buzz reduction, this hands-free system not only gives you total freedom to interact with students, it also delivers your natural voice in great clarity and stability.

Just teach, we’ll do the rest.

The microphone is able to maintain a constant 360° connection to the receiver eliminating signal loss and channel interferences. Unlike IR microphones’ need for line-of-sight, or FM microphones‘ channel limitations, our 2.4 GHz microphone always stays connected for clear, stable audio no matter where you’re facing.

Fits in perfectly.

The plug-and-play wireless receiver simply connects into any speaker or audio system with a 3.5 mm mic or line-in input jack so you don’t need to replace or add any other audio components. If your projector has a speaker, you can even turn that into your voice amplification system! 

Auto power on

Connect the receiver to a power outlet to power on automatically.

Protect your voice from strain.

Speaking all day in your “teaching voice” can put undue strain on your voice, and can cause long term injury. Utilizing a microphone enables you to speak naturally where your students can still clearly hear you, reducing the potential for voice strain and vocal issues.

Smart Pairing

The microphone will automatically search for the receiver and start to pair. Just power on the microphone and receiver and you do not need to worry about pairing and everything else.